The water quality of Storm Lake is recognized as a vital limited resource for economic development and quality of life. Water quality is a top priority for the citizens of Storm Lake and the surrounding communities. The lake not only provides recreational benefits, but it also provides the DNR with a portion of the Walleye eggs which are hatched and used to stock other Iowa waters.

The lake and its watershed outlet into the North Raccoon River and ultimately the Des Moines River which flows southeasterly through our state and impacts the quality of drinking water for many people in the state of Iowa.

Since the Storm Lake Restoration Project began in 2002, water clarity has improved considerably. The goal for water clarity is 28 inches.

Year Average clarity in inches
2002 Not measured
2003 Not measured
2004 10
2005 12
2006 14
2007 17
2008 19
2009 21