The Storm lake Dredging Project began in the early 2000’s with a group of local citizens who were concerned about the water quality in the lake. The group worked through the Lake Preservation Association (LPA), who, to this day, works with local, state, and federal government to educate and promote lake quality efforts for Storm Lake and its immediate watershed.

The efforts of the LPA lead to the initial dredging project done by the State of Iowa in 2002 which removed 1,320,000 cubic yards of silt from the west side of the lake.

In 2003 the Lake Improvement Commission (LIC), a 28E organization, was formed by the City of Storm Lake, City of Lakeside, Buena Vista County, and the LPA to continue dredging operations on the lake.The LIC oversees the annual dredging operation which is run by the City of Storm Lake.

During the original State of Iowa dredging project and the first two years of the local project, silt removed from the lake was deposited into a spoil containment facility on the south side of the lake. In 2003 the City of Storm Lake purchased land to the east of the Sunrise Pointe Golf Course for the purpose of construction of a second spoil containment facility. The operations started utilizing this site in 2005 and it is currently in use today.

In 2002 Buena Vista County purchased a dredge and related equipment to allow for a local dredging operation.

In 2006 the LIC purchased a booster pump to allow dredging operations to extend out further into the lake. Dredging operations run annually from April to October operating two daily 10 hour shifts, Monday thru Friday.

Restoration Report '09

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Map of depths and areas dredged to end of 2009